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Book of Stupid: GHS Edition!

Created by Ella, who also records with Vivian, Laurence and Kaitlyn, this is the collection of the stupidest quotes said during her freshman year. Laugh, smirk, and enjoy. And yes, a lot of this description is jacked from the NCC one, deal.

If you are upset that your stupidity was included, grow up. Think of it as an honor. An honor that people laugh at. Seriously.


Ferbruary 1st, 2007:

  1. "Why do you sing the alphapet all the time?" -Ella

    "So that I don't forget it." -Vivian

  2. "The most flexible athletes are swimmers." -Mr. Castaldi

    "What about cheerleaders?" -Kaitlyn

    "He said athletes, Kaitlyn." -Vivian

  3. "Do you assume black boots are emo? Are you a racist? Huh?" -Laurence

February 5, 2007

  1. "It feels like there's air conditioning in here." -Raffy.

    "Erm... look up." -Ella.

February 12, 2007

  1. The next one is C as in dog." -El Castaldinator

  2. "How about you make the review session tuesday and the test wednesday?" -Kaitlyn

    "Ok, so question number 105..." -El Castaldinator

  3. "I slammed the door on [content removed because I don't want to be killed] today coming out of choral. Current score, Ella: 1, Stupid Prep Biddies: 0." -Ella

February 13, 2007

  1. "Louis XIV was actually quite the pimp in his day." -Laurence

  2. "Now who collected the taxes?" -Mr. Alcorn

    "The tax collectors!" -Vivian

  3. "Write a 200 word appraisal of the French Revolution from the point of view of one of the estates." -Mr. Alcorn

    "What the fuck, I don't even know 200 words!" -Vivian

  4. "I completely bullshitted that test." -Ella

    "Ahh like my bio test. BIG GINAMOROUS BEASTLY MOCKING F." -Vivian

    "WOOT WOOT." -Ella

  5. "It's on photosynthesis." -Vivian, in reference to a Bio test

    "I don't know what that is." -Kaitlyn

    "You're screwed."- Vivian

    "OMG YEAH I KNOW! ATP!" -Kaitlyn

  6. "Is it snowing at your house?" -Cory

    "No. But it is at my neighbors." -Vivian

  7. "None of my quotes are stupid." -Vivian

    "Let's roll back the tape. Here we go, 'TAX COLLECTORS!' " -Ella

    "He had it coming with that question." -Vivian

  8. "Wait, there's two goldfish left! I think I'll have them fight it out, gladiator style. Ooof, one lost half of their tale. He's down he's down! Think I should give the thumbs up or down?" -Laurence

    "Down." -Ella

    "Yesh! Mmm yummy. Yea, he's my minimascot right now. Yea, he's pretty cool. Cute little fellow. Beast at gladiator fights." -Laurence

February 14, 2007

  1. "Belts are evil. They cause pants to be up." -Laurence

    "And that's a bad thing?" -Ella

    "Yes. They are holding up pants when they don't wish to be. That's an obstruction of freedom." -Laurence

    "Fight for the rights of pants, Laurence." -Ella

    "I will! When I'm president, pants will regain all the rights given to them by the constiution!" -Laurence

February 15, 2007

  1. "Trench coat has entered the closet." -Dylan. (Inside joke, my apologies to anyone who doesn't get it.)

  2. "Morgan's really getting into his nasal cavity." -Vivian, in reference to Morgan W. drawing the nasal cavity on their biology project.

  3. "Oh yes, I do believe I got nice at my audition today. *slaps the easy button*" -Ella

February 19th, 2007

  1. "I swear if your mother teases me about ironing one more time I'm going to tell her she looks like a peasant." -Ella's mom.

    "Oh so now I came from a family of peasants?" -Ella's Dad

    "Yes, and you married up into a wealthy family of fluffy washed towels and ironed trousers." -Ella's mom.

February 23, 2007

  1. "I may not have creativity but I have anger, it's the sweet n low of creativity, the splenda if you will. Sweet (literally?)" -Kristyn H.

February 26, 2007

  1. "What show are you going to see for chorale, Mamma Mia or Hairspray?" -Vivian

    "Wicked." -Kaitlyn

    "What?" -Viv

    "I'm going to see Wicked." -Kaitlyn

    "That's not an option." -Viv

    "Shit." -Kaitlyn.

  2. "Why would they call this the Moderate Stage?" -Mr. Alcorn

    "Because it's moderate?" -Vivian (who else?)

  3. "Why is Mr. Alcorn to gay to hole punch his papers? Is it like against his moral code?" -Vivian

  4. "Gah Viv, you're distracting me from my French project!" -Ella

    "So? French is gay." -Vivian

    "Hey! Well... you're right actually." -Ella

March 2, 2007

  1. "If anybody gets scared during the movie, let me know so I can laugh at you." -Mr. Castaldi

March 3, 2007

  1. "Getting into bed with you is like rock climbing." -Vivian, in reference to Cory.

March 6, 2007

  1. "Gus, the answer to 23 is 'yes'." -Matt W.

    "Uh, Matt? 23 wasn't a yes or no question." -Ella

March 7, 2007

  1. " I just finished my English homework." -Ella

    "Ella, you're such a good role model. Too bad I can't follow it." -Vivian

  2. "What did I learn from studying the French Revolution? Um... let me see. That [name removed] looks very cute when hes thinking. That [name removed] always looks very cute. I like [name removed] in navy." -[name also removed].

  3. "I have no good quotes in the Book Of Stupid." -Ella

    "Hahaha, I'm more stupid I guess. Hahaha. Wait. What?" -Kristyn

  4. "Vivian said I'm ingerigent. Hahaha, I don't know that word but I think it's good." -Kaitlyn

    "You mean intelligent?" -Ella

    "That's the one!" -Kaitlyn

March 12, 2007

  1. "Vivian, interpret the Data Set A." -Mr. Castaldi

    "I don't want to." -Vivian

  2. "How come Glenn gets special treatment for being stupid and not turning the paper over?" -Vivian

March 13, 2007

  1. "I smell food!" -Mr. Charles

    "What are you, a dog?" -Vivian

  2. "What do you want, you're so annoying!?" -Mr. Castaldi

March 14, 2007

  1. "Glenn, you write like a girl." -Vivian

  2. "We always have to make choices. Even in kindergarden, you huve to decide between whether you'll have milk or juice." -Mr. Charles

    "Apple juice!" -Dylan

    "Yeah! Hooksit!" -Laurence

  3. "Oh I know, you feel it in your soul. No I'm not joking. I'm serious. It haunts you. In a good way though." -Mr. Charles

  4. "It's like a butterfly. It's so beautiful. You can't be like, 'Oh I'm going to dismantle it to see how it works.' No, that destroys it. That takes away its beauty. But in this class, we are going to analyse it anyway." -Mr. Charles

March 14, 2007

  1. "Does water come in Reduced Fat?" -Vivian

  2. "Glenn, answer the question." -Mr. Castaldi

    "What question?" -Glenn

    "Oh come on, did you take your vitamins today?" -Mr. Castaldi

  3. "Your attitude is terrible today." -Mr. Castaldi

    "Don't blame me, I inherited it from my parents!" -Kayla D.

  4. "So what am I going to do now?" -Mr. Castaldi

    "You're gonna Unzip!" -Glenn

  5. "Nice kid, nice kid, pirate." -Mr. Castaldi, in reference to Morgan W.

March 19, 2007

  1. "Ah." -Vivian

    "You sounds like my dog." -Cory

    "You don't have a dog." -Vivian

    "I know."

March 26, 2007

  1. "Oh god no, I can't sit next to her!" -Glenn, in reference to Kailtyn

  2. "Hey, stop talking! Don't confuse Carol! Don't disturb her!" -Mr. Charles

March 29, 2007

  1. "We are MEN! We will produce sperm until the end of our lifes! Testosterone! Testosterone! TESTOSTERONE!" -Mr. Castaldi

    "Do you know how weird you sound out in the hall?" -Vivian

    "You are WOMAN!" -Castaldi

  2. "Now when Greg is sitting next to the cutest girl in the world when he's fifteen." *waggles eyebrows* -Mr. Castaldi

  3. "You know [name removed] only gets horny when he's holding his stick!" -Vivian

    "TESTOSTERONE!" -Kaitlyn

  4. "Well, uh, Vivian learned about sex on April 22, 1996!" -Vivian

    "Wait, you learned about sex when you were four?" *queue Matt walking by* -Ella

  5. "Does [name removed] know you have a crush on his brother?" -Vivian

  6. " 'Rabbits' by Nacho Assalini." -Vivian

  7. "What if I built a kick ass castle and a tree fell on it? I'd be pretty pissed off!" -Charlie

March 30, 2007

  1. "Tyler! Grr!" -Mr. Charles

  2. "She asked me how many syllables were in the word 'boat'!" -Tina, in reference to Ashley

  3. "I have a shirt that says 50 Cent. I don't wear it, it's gangsterish." -Mr. Charles

  4. "I'm not touching her shirt!" -Tyler

    "Yes you are!" -Mr. Charles

    "I'm showing her something." -Tyler

  5. "My poem is called 'Blood'." -Tyler

    "*groan*" -Mike

April 2, 2006

  1. "10...9...8...7...6...5...4...3... *walks out of the room*" -Mr. Alcorn

  2. "Does [name removed] know you have a crush on his brother?" - Vivian

    "Haven't we already had this conversation?" -Ella

  3. "No. I won't read it. My sonnet's wrong." -Glenn

  4. "Come idea, please come now." -Mr. Charles

  5. "I found the outlines really unnecessary." -Dylan

    "Yeah Mr. Charles, I didn't do the outlines." -Morgan

    "And I found the images unnecessary." -Dylan

    "Wait, Mr. Charles, can I comment?" -Morgan

    "Is it going to incriminate you or is it going to help you, Morgan?" -Mr. Charles

    "So I found the drafts unnecessary." -Dylan

    "Thank you Dylan." -Mr. Charles

  6. "Mrs. C? I forgot my first line!" -Depali

April 3, 2007

  1. "Are you IMing Cory?" -Vivian

    "No. Why?" -Ella

    "Because something's wrong, AIM won't work." -Vivian

    "That's because she's not online." -Ella

    "Oh. I noticed that." -Vivian

    "Haha, genius." -Ella

    "Let's all just laugh at Vivian!" -Vivian

    "Auto-reply: What's your number?!" -Ella

    "867-5309." -Vivian. [Number changed for obvious reasons.]

  2. "I don't think I have any truly stupid quotes in the book yet." -Ella

    "Me neither." -Vivian

    "HAHAHAHA!" -Ella

  3. "I wish I could eat my tongue." -Vivian

April 4, 2007

  1. "Go Marc!" -Raffy

    "He's not on your team!" -Maya

  2. "You know what? Never mind." -Ella

    "Wait, what?" -Vivian

April 9, 2007

  1. "Mr. Alcorn isn't a history teacher, he's a world themes teacher!" -Kaitlyn

    "What?!" -Vivian

    "Wtf?" -Laurence

    "Fuck. Don't tell Ella I said anything." -Kaitlyn [Thanks Laurence for the quote!]

April 11, 2007 [AKA Our Day at the Zoo, or Vivian High On Sugar]

  1. "Let's light a fire, it's very chilly. It's nippy noodles." -Vivian, when on the Skifari

  2. "I love sugar. Sugar sugar sugar. What is this, my ninteenth packet? I want more." -Vivian, on a sugar high.

April 22, 2007

  1. *phone rings and Vivian picks up* "Hello?" -Vivian

    "Hey Viv, how do you spell loser?" -Cory

    "L-o-s-e-r." -Vivian

    "Are you sure? Write it down, it looks wrong." -Cory

    *Vivian writes down 'Loser' on her bio test.* "It's right, Cory." -Vivian

    "Okay just checking." -Cory

April 25, 2007

  1. "Oh are you going to get me a cupcake with a little candle a blue candle maybe or yellow? Are you?" -Vivian

    "I just threw up in my mouth." -Cory

  2. "This sounds weird, like really weird, like the book of STUPIDER THAN STUPID." -Vivian

    "Yes....?" -Ella

    "But it smells like my birthday." -Vivian

    "Yes you're right. That does sound really weird." -Ella

  3. "This time there was talking. Or mouthing really." -Vivian, in reference to a moment she had with someone. This conversation was over AIM.

    "Mounting? Ohhhh, mouthing. HAHAHAHA." -Ella

    "HAHAHAHAHAHA," -Vivian

    "Book of stupid?" -Ella

    "Surely surely." -Viv

May 20, 2007

  1. "You're a great person, and you're young, and don't go changing." -Zach R.

    "Yay thank you! I love having mature friends. They know how to properly compliment you instead of just saying 'you're hott'." -Ella

    "omfgz ella ur liek sooo hawght lawlz!" -Zach