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Book Of Stupid: CMS Edition

Created by Ella, who also records with Morgan and Micalah, this is the collection of the stupidest quotes said between March 21 and their graduation in June. The original list is being revised, so if something is missing, it didn't make the cut. Sorry! Laugh, smirk, and enjoy.

And as we always say, if you are upset that you were included in the following collection, deal with it. Honestly, this is an honor! You're part of a group! Be happy when someone laughs at you!


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  1. March 21- "Tu aimes les tomates? Je mange les tomates!" -Ella

  2. March 23- "Tu veux de... pain?" -Ella D

  3. March 23- "Yesterday this thing happened, write it down!" -Morgan

    "What day?" -Ella

    "I just said yesterday!" -Morgan

  4. March 23- "Paul Farmer is a psycho. He's got a huge ego, he thinks public health is his calling, he chose it over love and he has a huge ego. He's obsessive compulsive... he's Jack Applebaum!" -Ella D. (Jack, feel free to smack me if you read this.)

  5. March 23- "Je suis un geateau." -Quincy. For all of you who don't know french, that means I am a cake.

  6. March 23- "He refused to kill another man, he loved them too much. Yes Stewart, he was a homosexual." -Anonymous teacher (Though it's not to hard to guess.)

  7. March 23- "You, Kristyn, have no imagination. Wait, you have no creativity." -Ella

    "Those are the same." -Morgan

  8. March 23- "I use big warps." -Morgan L.

  9. March 24- "Ha! Take THAT! Bwahahaha! You suck Oliver! I ro- ah! Damn you Oliver, you got me out!" -Ella (During a viscous dodge ball game.)

  10. March 24- "You have to learn not to talk! You! In the corner! Face the wall!" -A certain teacher whose identity I'm sure you can all guess.

  11. March 30- "There's a duck outside." -Wen B.


  1. April 3- "Did I say finish it in class?" -Mme. Thomas

    "No, you said finish it and stop whining." -Christian

  2. April 3- "If you were a teacher." -Ella in reference to Mr. Krois

  3. April 5- "They eat all these potato chips, and wake up all fat. And they're surprised?" -Chloe I.

  4. April 6- "Do you have Mr. No?" -Oliver

    "I'm in your class, I sat next to you yesterday." -Ella

  5. April 6- "Someone donated stuff anonymously." -Ms. V

    "Who did?" -Christina, in response.

  6. April 7- "But you said no homework!" -Ryan Brennan

    "I lied." -Mme. Thomas

  7. April 10- "I can tell you who to respect! I'm your mother!" -Ella's mom.

    "No, actually Remus Lupin gets to do that." -Ella, in response.

  8. April 11- "You could join the army or the CCC, the Conservative Community Organization... wait." -Mr. Krois

  9. April 24- "I'm still drippind!" -Ella, referring to her... nose.


  1. May 2- "J'ai acheté un bus." -Perry H.

  2. May 3- "You're not black! Stop trying to ghetto talk!" -Mme. Thomas to Ryan Gilrane.

  3. May 3- "Writing is so much good!" -Ella. I'm not sure what I meant...

  4. May 4- "Sh, you're ruining the moment!" -Mr. Krois in reference to Romeo and Juliet.

  5. May 5- "I wanna drink the Crisco!" -Morgan

  6. May 5- "It smells like marshmallows." -Morgan in reference to her (burning) science experiment.

  7. May 9- "I'm right, be quiet!" -Christian

  8. May 9- "Can I be a lawnmower when I grow up?" -Sebastian B.

    "Do you mean a person who mows lawns?" -Mr. Krois

    "No, as in the machine." -Sebastian B.

  9. May 9- "I'd prefer black ones with the phases of the moon on them." -Ella, in reference to boxers.

    "Yes, but those are so expensive!" -Mark O.

    The only way any of you would understand that joke is if you've read A Well-Kept Secret by ellamalfoy8. Otherwise, don't think about it too long. Hi Perry!

  10. May 9- "Drug dealer, drug addict, prostitute, stripper, president. Wait, does anyone see a pattern?" -Stewart

  11. May 10- "That looks like a shrunken aardvark." -Morgan

  12. May 10- "His name is Chippy!" -Morgan, in reference to Boo Radley's pet squirrel.

  13. May 10- "Hey, who put tits on my guy?" -Perry H.

  14. May 10- "Joey, why is he wearing a Speedo?" -Sophia, in reference to Joey's Boo Radley drawing.

    "I dunno, 'cause he's Boo Radley." -Joey

  15. May 11- "Paranoid! Paaaaaranoid!" -Morgan, to Ella.

  16. May 11- "But Harry Potter was just an innocent little kid! He would never hurt anyone!" -Sophia.

  17. May 11- "But I don't WANNA be Meryl B!" -Ella, annoyed with her new nickname.

  18. May 11- "My topic on American history, the Great Wall of China! Nah, just kidding!" -Morgan, during her exit project brainstorming discussion.

  19. May 11- "My topic, birth control! Heh heh, that's funny. But seriously, the oral contraceptive." -Ella

  20. May 11- "10 out of 10, professional, I could have sworn it was written by Dr. Buldger, well maybe not Dr. B, but some professional dude." -Kristyn

  21. May 11- "Anyone can write in the book of stupid. Well, as long as it isn't stupid. Oh, put that in there!" -Ella, show Kristyn the ropes.

  22. May 11- "We need a fifty, WE NEED A FIFTY!" -Kristyn

  23. May 11- "We have fifty, WE HAVE FIFTY! Now we need a hundred, WE NEED A HUNDRED!" -Kristyn

  24. May 11- "Aardvark has two a's, genius, just like ass has two a's as in your a pain in the aardvark." -Kristyn

  25. May 11- "You have to actually say it for it to go in the book of stupid, dumbass, you can't just write it in." -Ella

    "I just did say it!" -Kristyn

  26. May 11- "Mo has no 'e'. How do you misspell a word with two letters? How do you think it's spelled, 'RZ'? -Kristyn

  27. May 11- "If you put that in the book of stupid, I'll kill you." -Kristyn

    "Put in what?" -Ella

    "Never mind..." -Kristyn.

  28. May 11- "Fifty-four! Fifty-four!" -Kristyn

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